About Us

Our mission

The mission of Fun Time is to provide safe, quality, affordable education and care for children of low-income working families and to prepare the children for kindergarten, ready to read and ready to learn.

Our Programs

Fun Time provides a comprehensive early childhood learning environment. It is guided by The Florida School Readiness Performance Standards and Head Start Performance Standards.  The children are taught by teachers with early childhood education and credentialed staff members.
The research-based Creative Curriculum provides a framework and a focus on the interest areas in all classrooms as well as supporting the teachers in providing an emergent curriculum.  Fun Time offers an academic content in the curriculum for all children 2-5 years old while recognizing the importance that children learn through play.

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is offered to all children at Fun Time the year prior to entering kindergarten.  Head Start is offered to income-eligible families.  The Early Literacy and Learning Model (ELLM) focuses on providing additional comprehensive classroom language and literacy support to the 4-5 year old children.  ELLM services are complemented by individual language/literacy “tutoring” of Skills-based Instructional Delivery Systems (SEEDS).

First Book provides books to the families in collaboration and support of parents educating their children at home.


Fun Time is nationally accredited.  Fun Time has received and maintained the Gold Seal of Excellence from the Florida Department of Children and Families and has been a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Provider since 2005.